This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important in the marketplace, and one of the experts in the field is Gabriela Benitez, an employee benefits advisor at Diversified Insurance.


Diversity, equality, and inclusion have become integral to how companies are run today. Having firsthand experience facing the challenges of no access to affordable healthcare, as well as disparities in coverage, led me on a journey to help create new solutions for others.

Employees need to feel that their health, cultural, and financial needs matter to their employer. One alarming statistic shows that unequal coverage and lack of education are among the largest barriers in healthcare access. That can hurt your business.

Smart employers wisely seek to decrease their healthcare costs without diluting benefits. At Diversified Insurance, we show companies how well-designed benefits improve people’s daily lives and keep insurance affordable. We do that by providing a framework that aligns inclusive benefit strategies that maximize each company’s market value.

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Between Baby Boomers retiring and the pandemic, every company is rethinking its approach to the tight labor market, and an important part of the equation is employee benefits. If your company is looking for options, consider calling Diversified Insurance. I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.