This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Trucks and their drivers are a lifeline of our nation, moving the goods and products that make our economy run. Here to tell us about one of Utah’s premier trucking companies is Skyler Droubay with Double D Distribution.


In 1984 my dad, Mark Droubay, had the goal of doing something he loved while providing for his family. Through years of dedicated service and hard work, he grew his one-man trucking operation into a thriving business.

Now with 40 employees, 40 trucks, and over 100 trailers, my dad has that same goal for all of his people – providing for their families while doing what they love. Double D has an incredible group of customers, and we’re still growing and looking for people to join our real American Dream.

We specialize in hauling liquid asphalt and other freight. We empower our staff to provide exceptional service to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs and because of that commitment, we have many clients who we’ve been servicing for years, while adding more all the time.

If you love Utah, trucks, and great coworkers, come see us at


The trucking industry is vital to every American business, and we’re currently facing a nationwide shortage of 80,000 drivers. Fortunately, Double D Distribution loves their truck drivers – so if you’re thinking of moving up, think of Double D Distribution. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.