This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The world’s first cyberattack occurred in 1988, when a graduate student at Cornell University inadvertently jammed the Internet. Now, cybersecurity concerns are critical to every business. And Tyler Rasmussen, Vice President of Cybersecurity at ExecuTech, is here to share more.


Cybersecurity education and prevention is more important than ever. A recent report ranked the top threats facing business today as hacking, using stolen and brute-force passwords, email phishing, ransomware, and human errors.

That’s where Executech comes in.

Executech is an award-winning, managed IT security and cloud services provider. We provide affordable, enterprise-quality IT and security support to small and medium-sized organizations through our team of highly trained and friendly experts.

Just this year, we’ve helped dozens of local companies strengthen their digital security by providing tools and services like email phishing security, cybersecurity training for all staff, network and application vulnerability scanning, security monitoring, security compliance support, and more.

With ExecuTech, you can rest easy knowing our experts are on the job of handling problems before they become a crisis, and providing backup plans just in case the worst happens.


CNBC recently reported that a majority of America’s small business owners are not worried about cyberattacks – but noted small businesses are target number one for criminals. For solutions, visit ExecuTech’s website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.