This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Farasha is a woman-owned fashion consulting company that offers production and photoshoot services, professional wardrobe styling, creative retail marketing strategies, collaborative events and more. Founder Vanessa Di Palma Wright joins us with more. 

Vanessa Di Palma Wright:

I launched Farasha in 2009 in Park City as a pop-up boutique concept representing emerging designers. We set up in niche resort towns such as Sun Valley, Jackson Hole and Aspen to promote their brands in unique, untapped markets. We are currently exploring Brooklyn, New York as our next stop. 

Since then, Farasha has transformed into a full-service fashion consulting company offering services ranging from styled photoshoots to fashion-focused experiences. As a passionate stylist, I enjoy encouraging women to utilize fashion as a form of expression to feel confident, beautiful, and the best possible version of themselves. I work methodically with my clients to achieve their fashion and business objectives with memorable results. 

Whether you are looking to transform yourself with a wardrobe update, book a photoshoot for your company, or execute a unique bespoke event, Farasha is your go-to for all things fashion. Learn more at

Derek Miller: 

For 15 years, the Farasha team has been committed to fulfilling your fashion and business objectives with strategic action plans, creative production and measurable results. Learn more at their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.