This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Did you know that the Federal Reserve—our nation’s central bank—has an office in Salt Lake City? Becky Potts, Vice President, Regional Executive at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Salt Lake City branch, gives us a better understanding of The Fed and its work today.


Here at the San Francisco Fed’s Salt Lake City branch, we build active relationships with area business and community leaders to gain a broad picture of the economic conditions in our region. This helps to ensure that what’s happening at the local level is reflected in our national monetary policymaking process. We always strive to be a community engaged bank that learns from and reflects the communities we serve.

We believe opportunity is not a luxury—it’s a necessity that should be accessible to everyone. To that end, we are using our tools and responsibilities to help create an inclusive economy, in which all people can fully contribute their talents and skills—regardless of their race or any other demographic factor.

This work is vital to our mission of promoting a healthy and stable economy. I look forward to sharing more at the upcoming Utah Business Diversity Summit.


Becky will be representing the Federal Reserve at the Chamber’s upcoming Business Diversity Summit which will be held at the Salt Palace Convention Center on November 4th. For more information, visit I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.