This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Each year the Salt Lake Chamber presents the Giant in Our City award to a distinguished community leader. To tell us more about this year’s recipient, here’s Peggy Larsen, a former insurance industry executive who has received numerous awards herself.


I have been going to the Giant in our City events for years. It is one of my favorite evenings where I get to get dressed up, see old friends, and meet new ones. The atmosphere is always electric, and the Salt Lake Chamber does an incredible job honoring the Giant and making their evening special. 

I am especially excited this year as we honor Ray Pickup. I worked with him when he was the Chief Financial Officer for WCF Insurance, and then became the CEO and my direct boss.  

In addition to managing his company, Ray serves on numerous boards and leads a variety of efforts that make Utah a better place to live.  Whether he is donating time at the local food bank or raising funds for a grant program, Ray Pickup is among the first to lend a helping hand and say, “What can I do to help?”  


We hope you’ll join us for the 43rd Giant in our City award ceremony which will be held on May 19th at the Grand America Hotel. Please contact the Salt Lake Chamber for more details. I’m Derek Miller, and this is Speaking on Business.