This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Utah’s economy grew an astounding 82 percent over the past twenty years, and Forbes recently ranked Utah as the best performing economy in the nation. Dan Hemmert, who leads the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, tells us what Utah does to help businesses grow.


The Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity has over 90 employees who focus on expanding the world’s best economy while enhancing our quality of life. Our team, known as Go Utah, works with business – at the speed of business – to cultivate prosperity and protect us from future economic downturns.

Go Utah programs help companies with job training, employee retention and recruitment, and we provide technical assistance when needed. We also assist with international trade and diplomacy, and support tourism, movie making, TV commercials, and outdoor recreation industries.

Go Utah’s focus helps support homegrown businesses while recruiting new companies and encouraging economic opportunities through the state’s tax incentive program. It works like a consumer rebate and requires that companies invest in Utah and provide jobs before claiming a tax credit.

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Utah is ranked as a top state for entrepreneurs and a great place for businesses growth, while providing a welcoming work-life balance. For more information, visit I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.