This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. GREENbike’s goal as a non-profit bike share is to help provide another form of transportation to the residents of Salt Lake City and Ogden, and one that is healthy and environmentally friendly. Executive Director Stan Penfold joins us with more.

Stan Penfold: 

GREENbike aims to reduce carbon emissions and automobile traffic congestion by taking cars off the road while simultaneously encouraging healthy lifestyles through physical activity and a renewed interest in cycling as an effective means of transportation as well as exercise. 

Through our bike share program, we strive to improve the livability of the Wasatch Front and create a vibrant, thriving community. Bike sharing is a new kind of public transportation that makes urban bike commuting easy, fun and affordable. Bike stations are currently placed in strategic locations around town to create a network that’s useful for both residents and visitors. This past year alone, we opened 8 new stations and expanded to the west side of Salt Lake City. 

For just $3, you can ride a GREENbike for 60 minutes, and for just $75, you can have unlimited 60-minute rides for a full year. So with a touch of a button, anyone can borrow a bike that can be returned to any station in town.

Derek Miller:

GREENbikes are affordable, convenient, sustainable, and best of all – fun. Consider taking one out for a spin, you just might like it. For more information, visit the GREENbike website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.