This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Improving your mental health or overcoming addiction can be difficult, especially in the era of Covid. Fortunately, a suite of award-winning wellness apps – developed in Utah – are now helping individuals all over the world. Clay Olsen, the CEO of Impact Suite is here with more.

A few years ago I co-founded a youth movement called “Fight the New Drug” which is dedicated to raising awareness on the harmful effects of pornography using science, facts and personal accounts. We’ve traveled the world speaking to neuroscientists and recovery experts. Through that experience, it led me to seek new ways to help people facing mental health and addiction issues. That process led my team and I to begin working to develop a series of apps to help people find deeper healing and recovery from behavioral and mental health challenges.

To create positive change, we now have four award-winning wellness apps that you can anonymously download for free at They address everything from overcoming substance abuse, depression and anxiety, sexual compulsivity and strengthening resilience. Our newest app is called “Climb for personal growth.” For those interested in premium features, we offer lifestyle coaching and even teletherapy.

Experts report that one out of three people is struggling with addiction or mental health issues. To learn more on how to help yourself or your employees, visit I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.