This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Ross Romero is a former member of the Utah legislature and today runs Inclusion Strategies, a company that helps businesses do better by being better. Here’s Ross with the rest of the story.


In this challenging time of talent shortage, Inclusion Strategies assists companies with messaging, marketing, and community connections. We help others attract and retain new employees, and with Utah’s changing demographics, that increasingly means hiring diverse employees.

I founded Inclusion Strategies after having spent ten years as an employment attorney, ten years in banking and having served eight years in the Utah Legislature. Inclusion Strategies assists companies meet hiring needs, while enhancing employee engagement and business growth objectives with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind.  

Hiring diverse employees in and of itself, is not a strategy. Inclusion Strategies helps companies make sure the workplace is inviting and inclusive for everyone. Company culture and being included is critical for productive and engaged employees, and business growth occurs with the introduction to new markets and innovation that comes by working in diverse teams.    

Inclusion Strategies is here to help advance the work, of work.  


Getting diversity right is important and that’s where Inclusion Strategies can help, so consider giving Ross Romero a call today. He’s on the internet at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.