This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Utah is fortunate to have great companies that give back, led by people like Katharine B. Garff who serves as Board Chair with Ken Garff Enterprises and the Success in Education Foundation. Here’s Kathi to share how the foundation helps people in Utah.


The Keys to Success program motivates students and adults to unlock their future by connecting them to scholarships, internships, and careers. With more than 85,000 users and over $160 million in scholarships, Keys to Success serves as a one-stop shop for college and career readiness in Utah.

We are pleased to announce that during October’s College Application Month, more than 10,000 Utah students engaged with higher education institutions using the Keys to Success app.

Through partnerships with the Department of Workforce Services, the Utah System of Higher Education, and local industry, Keys to Success creates a platform for both students and organizations to participate in workforce development.

Join us and learn how to host internships or opportunities on the Keys to Success app, enabling local students to gain access to career training and growth.


You can learn more about the Keys to Success at, or simply download the “Keys to Success Utah” app. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.