This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Over the last three years, Larry H. Miller Real Estate has expanded its real estate development footprint. Company president, Brad Holmes, tells us more about the tremendous growth the company is experiencing, and the generational impact the projects will have on Utah.

Brad Holmes: 

As the real estate platform of the Larry H. Miller Company, we use real estate development and smart-growth principles to fulfill the company’s mission to enrich lives. Whether we are building a single-family home or a master-planned community, a commercial office tower or even a mixed-use business district—like Downtown Daybreak and The Power District—we treat every project as an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

As a team, we harness the power of real estate development to steward projects whose long term vision enriches the lives of all who live there, now, and in the future.

At Larry H. Miller Real Estate, we take a values led approach to development. Our work isn’t just transactional, it’s transformational. 

Derek Miller: 

In an industry that’s better known for focusing on short-term profit, Larry H. Miller’s Real Estate takes a long-term view of placemaking and building value, guided by four values: integrity, stewardship, hard work and service.  

Learn more about their transformational real estate developments and job opportunities at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.