This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. The hospitality industry is vital to Utah’s thriving economy. And like any business, has unique challenges when it comes to mental health. Kelly Lake, the managing partner at LUX Catering and Events, explains what their community is doing to help. 


For years, I’ve been increasingly aware of the stresses that come along with the hospitality industry. As a group, we’ve needed to focus on our mental wellness; we’ve needed to create a space where we are just as conscious of our needs as we are with the concerns of our guests. 

Now, along with the Salt Lake Chamber’s Community Builders Foundation, we have a beautiful blueprint on what businesses can do. We have an opportunity to support each other. We can offer peer-to-peer support, we can model self care, and in so doing, we can create openness about mental health that empowers people to get the resources they need. 

I’m excited to keep working with Utah Community Builders Foundation to make sure we remain as welcoming to our own community as we are to our visitors. It’s time for mental resilience to take the spotlight.


Workforce resilience through mental fitness is a new campaign for the Utah Community Builders Foundation. You can learn more by searching the Internet for Salt Lake Chamber mental health hospitality, or just give us a call. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.