This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Make-A-Wish Utah is on a mission to spread the life-changing power of hope to children battling critical illnesses — replacing fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with optimism. President & CEO Daniel Dudley joins us with more. 

Daniel Dudley: 

Make-A-Wish was born, fittingly, because of the wish of a child. On April 29th, 1980, 7-year-old Chris, who’d been diagnosed with leukemia, decided his wish was to be a police officer. Volunteers in his community made his wish a reality. After witnessing the impact the wish had on Chris, a global movement was created. 

Since then, Make-A-Wish Utah has granted over 4,500 wishes for Utah children battling critical illnesses. Through the power of a wish, children can be anything they want, meet anyone they choose, or go anywhere they dream of.

Research shows children who have wishes granted can build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness. 

Of course, wishes do not come true by chance — wishes happen because community members choose to make them possible. Learn how you can help at

Derek Miller: 

Whether you’re a small donor or a large corporation, you have the power to make a wish come true. Visit the Make-A-Wish website to help them achieve their goal of reaching every eligible child in Utah. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.