This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Marathon Health is on a mission to transform one million lives by 2024 by improving healthcare delivery, lowering costs, and providing better outcomes. Here’s Vice President Penny O’Brien with more.


Marathon Health has been simplifying healthcare for employers and patients in Utah for over 10 years.

We partner with employers to make healthcare work better for their employees, powered by care that’s convenient and easy to access. To reduce costs and make healthcare more convenient, we emphasize virtual primary care in addition to in-clinic care with our well-known and trusted clinicians. Because we’re accountable to the businesses that hire us, we guide patients through choices based on cost and quality for complex care.

Marathon Health patients save their employers $2,000 on average annually and report better management of chronic conditions and their overall health. To date, Marathon Health has saved its clients more than $1 billion in healthcare costs.

We’re investing in Utah and growing rapidly! If you think we can support your company or if you’re looking to find purpose in your career, please visit


Marathon Health provides care at five health centers in Utah with the newest in Draper – and has seven more locations on the way, stretching from Provo to Ogden. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.