This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Each October is National Work and Family Month during which businesses are asked to promote healthier and more flexible work environments. Here’s Paige Frame, the president of McKinnon-Mulherin, with more.


McKinnon-Mulherin is excited to celebrate National Work and Family month. For twenty-five years, McMul’s core value of flexibility has motivated us to hire exceptional writers and editors who make time for both their family AND career.

McMul’s goal is to bring clarity to a cluttered world, and who knows about clutter better than moms and dads? Our McMul team doesn’t have to choose between work and family—no matter what family looks like to them. They can advance their career from home while still being there for their kids, supporting an aging parent, or volunteering in their community.

Offering a flexible culture lets us widen our pool of professionals. Not only is supporting families the right thing to do, it also means our clients get the best team and the highest quality writing and editing.

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Congress created the National Work and Family Month designation nearly 20 years ago to encourage a balance between work and family. McKinnon-Mulherin has made that vision a reality. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.