This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Owning property has been a key to wealth for many Americans, but managing property can be challenging. Done poorly, it can cost owners millions of dollars. Chris Cahoon, a partner at Mecca Property Management, is here to tell us how his firm can help property owners.


At Mecca Property Management, we obsess over one thing – to be the best property management group in the industry. Through decades of dedication in the pursuit, we’ve learned not to just focus first on the buildings – but on the people who give them purpose.

Our team at Mecca Property Management helps landlords and building owners achieve high occupancy rates by focusing on tenant satisfaction, keeping properties maintained at the highest levels, and addressing concerns before they ever become serious problems.

Clients who need help designing their properties can step into one of Mecca’s custom design centers, where our in-house design team opens up the possibilities to meet specific needs. Our objective isn’t solely to manage properties, but to transform them.

Over the years, Mecca has honed its real estate management skills which gives us a unique opportunity to step into any project and add value to any stage of the process.


If you want help managing property you own or for which you are responsible, contact the team at Mecca Property Management to see what they can do. The website address is easy: I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.