This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. When buying a home or property, its vital that you have a great title company protecting you. Rod Newman is the President of Metro National Title and shares the advantages his firm offers.


Metro National Title is a technology driven title insurance company and I’m excited to report that we just released “Alfred the Virtual Closing Assistant” which can help you via text or web chat 24/7. Alfred knows about your file by phone number or email address, and we make it enjoyable — he will even tell you a joke.

Another new Metro streamlining innovation in the buying process is our new EMD module that allows clients to transfer the earnest money payments electronically. This new feature saves time and provides security from wire fraud.

To make the process even safer, we recently integrated the leading wire fraud prevention software into our systems. It’s called Closing Lock and is designed to protect our clients from email spoofing, clone phishing, email hacking, imposter fraud, and compromised accounts.

At Metro National Title, the safety and protection of our clients is our highest priority. Learn more at


Title companies work hard to protect buyers and sellers from fraud, and Metro National Title is one of the leaders in the industry. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.