This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Utah’s aerospace sector began in the 1950s and today, one of the companies at the center of Utah’s aerospace industry is Northrop Grumman. Tamara Humphrey is vice president for the company’s Aerostructures business and is here to tell us more.

Tamara Humphrey:

Utah is quickly becoming one of the nation’s leading states in aerospace design and manufacturing. From developing large-scale space systems that will take us to Mars, to providing highly-advanced composite structures for future aircraft, we foresee exponential business growth here over the next decade.

Within our Aerostructures business, Northrop Grumman engineers and technicians are defining new possibilities for commercial and military aircraft, including space and missile systems. As experts in their field, our employees are truly improving how our nation’s most advanced technologies are brought to life while helping make them more cost efficient over the long term.

With the growth we’re experiencing today, we’re always looking for skilled manufacturing technicians and engineers while working with local technical colleges to build the right educational pipeline for continued growth.

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Derek Miller:

Over 40,000 people work in Utah’s aerospace sector and we are fortunate to have Northrop Grumman leading the way in workforce development and highly-advanced technologies, efforts that help defend our nation and advance human discovery. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.