This is Derek Miller speaking on Business. Those who work at Pollard Architects have been industry leaders for more than thirty years, people who’ve designed the Market Street Grill, Oyster Bar, and the Utah Opera Productions Studios, among others. Kenneth Pollard shares with us the role of architects in business. 


Architecture is a responsible art, whose appropriateness is based on reason, clarity, validity, but most of all inspiration. At Pollard Architects, we create spaces which respond to the way we live, work and play. 

We balance context with intervention. We seek clear solutions to well defined problems. We recognize craft, form, meaning and expression through structures and spaces which reflect the uniqueness of our clients’ lives. 

Founded in 1988, we are committed to architecture as a living art. Each member of the firm is an integral part of the collaborative process. We keep our firm small so each one of us is involved with this design process. 

Our firm is founded on the belief that architecture captures possibilities as well as opportunities to enhance and elevate the human experience. Through careful consideration and skillful problem solving, we’re rooted in a purposeful sense of permanency, craftsmanship and durability. 


Pollard Architects are the artists whose portfolio includes cutting edge facilities, historical restorations, worship spaces, office environments and more. They blend expertise with energy efficiency to create elegance, so consider Pollard Architects for your next project. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.