This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Project Connection, a local, nonprofit mental health agency was founded on the belief that connection is the foundation of mental health. Executive Director Lennie Knowlton joins us with more about their efforts.


A study by The Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute found that reported mental health symptoms have increased 30% in Utah since the beginning of the pandemic. The direct outcome of the disconnection we experienced during COVID has been an increase in anxiety, depression, social isolation, and relationship issues. Now more than ever, we need real connection, dependable emotional support, and a feeling of belonging.

Our mission is to provide trusted, accessible mental health services and create a network of strong community partners who work with us to help our clients find, foster and celebrate connected lives.

In addition to providing outpatient therapy that is evidence-based and trauma-informed, we connect our clients with the people and resources that take treatment outside the therapy room and bring meaning to their lives. This is done through out-of-the box programs and a community network that is dedicated to creating connection points within our community.


Find out more about Project Connection and the services they provide in our community, on the Project Connection website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.