This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Project Human Dignity is an initiative led by the Utah Impact Partnership that aims to address homelessness with determination and compassion. Jake Boyer, treasurer of the Utah Impact Partnership and CEO of Boyer Company, shares more.

Jake Boyer:
In 2022, more than 8,600 people experienced homelessness for the first time. 90 percent of the rise came from outside of Salt Lake County, emphasizing the scope of this issue.

Project Human Dignity is a community initiative in Utah that is driving transformative action across the state to tackle homelessness. We’re committed to maintaining respect and order in our communities and finding sustainable solutions. Our efforts bring together community leaders, housing and mental health experts, emergency responders, elected officials, and service providers.

We are dedicated to deepening our community’s understanding of homelessness, fostering empathy, and tackling the challenges head-on. The roots of homelessness are complex and multifaceted. Situational homelessness often arises from economic challenges such as employment, education, or housing issues. Chronic homelessness can stem from traumatic experiences, mental health issues, and substance abuse disorders.

We firmly believe that homelessness should not mean hopelessness. We invite all Utahns to join this movement. Together, we can anchor our community in dignity and shared prosperity. The work is far from over.

Derek Miller:
The Utah Impact Partnership brings together business and civic leaders to address Utah’s most pressing challenges, such as homelessness. Learn more about their initiative at This is Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.