This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Water is the lifeblood of the West, and taking care of it is an absolute necessity. Fortunately, Purestream Services is doing that for all of us. Amy Hansen, Sustainability and Business Development Officer with Purestream, explains what they do to make life better.


Purestream Services is a wastewater treatment services provider headquartered at the University of Utah’s Research Park. We operate nationwide and are proud to be a homegrown Utah Company.  

Purestream provides innovative mobile and custom water treatment technologies and solutions for industries including oil & gas, mining, agriculture, aerospace and municipal water systems. Many of the technologies were developed in partnership with Utah State University.

In California and Texas, we work with oil and gas companies to treat and clean wastewater for reuse. Back in Utah, we engage with communities to develop cost-effective water treatment systems, and we’re creating innovative solutions for agriculture to conserve and reuse water.

Purestream is now part of Swire, an English company that has also acquired Utah-based company WesTech Engineering, a global leader in water equipment and engineering. Together, we employ 500 people in the US and around the world.


Utah’s population is growing fast, and we are fortunate to have companies like Purestream that create the hardware and software to ensure that the water we have is clean and used efficiently. For more information, visit  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.