This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Utah is fortunate to have companies like Redmond Minerals that are always looking down the road to make Utah’s streets and highways safer. Here’s Chief Development Officer Harvey Scott to tell us more.


Redmond Minerals is part of the Redmond family of companies that provide great products like Real Salt for your kitchen, Trophy Rock for your animals, and Best Vinyl Fence & Deck for your home. We also provide specialized products that help keep winter roads ice free.

Because we’re concerned about your safety and getting products to market in a timely way, we recently joined with other like-minded companies and chambers of commerce and formed a new organization called the National Coalition for Open Roads.

We call it NCFOR for short. It was created because roads and highway that were once kept open all the time in winter, are now, too often, closed even though we’ve been getting less snow than we used to. The costs of poor winter upkeep can be huge, with lost wages, increased accidents and worse yet, lost lives.

If you want safer roads, check out the website website and consider joining N-C-F-O-R today.


The statewide cost of road closures due to winter weather can be up to $66 million per day – more than triple Utah’s winter road maintenance budget. That’s why businesses are rallying under the banner. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.