This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. For more than fifty years the Repertory Dance Theatre in Salt Lake has entertained, educated, and uplifted Utah. Ricklen Nobis is the Booking & Musical Director and is here to tell us more.


Established in 1966, Salt Lake’s Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) is dedicated to the creation, performance, perpetuation, and appreciation of modern dance. Our team serves as an archive of America’s rich modern dance heritage.  

We have over 480 works of modern dance in our collection, some dating back more than 120 years. Repertory Dance Theatre re-stages historical and contemporary classic works that animate our nation’s multiplicity of stories, and we commission new works from regional, national, and international choreographers. 

Whether welcoming the community—physically or digitally—to our home at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center in Salt Lake City or taking our traveling dance collection to cities and towns throughout Utah, the region, and nationally, our performers build community wherever we go; connecting artists and audiences through performances, workshops, classes, and community- and school-based residencies. We seek to entertain and teach, and always uplift those around us through the joy of movement.


The Repertory Dance Theatre will open its 57th season at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center this September. Season tickets are available now on its website — I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.