This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Rocky Vista University opened its Utah campus in 2017 and has already graduated over 200 osteopathic physicians who are now training in residency programs across the nation. Senior Associate Dean Dr. Stephen Miller has more.

Stephen Miller:

Rocky Vista’s Southern Utah campus, located near St. George, prepares Osteopathic students for clinical training throughout Utah. Our mission is to place more primary care physicians in rural medicine where the nation’s critical shortages exist. About 70% of our graduates enter residencies in Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics. We are succeeding with the help of our clinical training partners throughout Utah.

Our students have excellent board scores and pass rates and are accepted into highly competitive residencies such as Surgery, Obstetrics and Medical Sub-specialties. They are well prepared.

We are attracting outstanding students from across the country. About 45% of our incoming students are from Utah, with BYU and the University of Utah being our top feeder schools. We also admit great students from all other Utah schools and are admitting excellent students from many other states including California, Arizona, Florida, Idaho among others.


Rocky Vista is a recognized leader in Osteopathic medicine and we’re happy to have them here, creating more opportunities for Utah’s top students. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.