This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  The Utah legislature is in session, and the Salt Lake Chamber is working hard with elected officials to address the needs and concerns of our members and the citizens they employ. 

This is the second year under the pandemic, and Utah is weathering the storm — continuing to lead the nation in job growth.  To continue that trend, we are encouraging the legislature to support students and teachers by incentivizing more effective and efficient partnerships between Utah’s education and workforce systems. 

The Chamber is also working with legislators on issues involving smart energy use to ensure that our air quality improves while meeting Utah’s workforce needs.

We’re also focused on improving our healthcare system and helping the legislature with policies and regulations that support the rights of individual employers to determine the appropriate standards that allow them to maintain safe workplaces.

As part of our efforts, we continue to work with legislators on equitable tax policies, changing incentives and regulations to support new housing developments, as well as working to aid broadband connectivity and address cybersecurity issues that aid small business expansion — all while meeting the needs for a balanced budget.

Finally, we are working to ensure that the state continues to diversify our workforce and ensure our state is inclusive for all.

To learn more or to join our efforts, please visit us at  I’m Derek Miller for the Salt Chamber, Speaking on Business.