This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Leadership Utah is the Salt Lake Chamber’s signature leadership program, an exclusive experience for mid-and upper-level management professionals. Megan Sanburn, the business manager at Federal Reserve Bank in Utah, shares her experience.


It’s been incredible participating in Leadership Utah and representing the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. The Fed promotes a strong, healthy, sustainable economy and fosters the nation’s financial and payment system. We cannot achieve this mission without understanding the needs of our communities. 

Leadership Utah really delivered this community connection. Thanks to the program, I believe I am more equipped than ever to understand the economic and social issues that impact Salt Lake City.  

Leadership Utah has also helped the Fed expand its community outreach. I’ve met so many people dedicated to building a better Salt Lake City, and I’m really looking forward to deepening these new relationships in the future. I encourage people to check out our website to see what we’re up to. 

The Chamber’s passion for our community is inspiring. I encourage every Utah business and government leader to participate in this rewarding opportunity.  


The Chamber’s leadership program runs from September through July, during which participants expand their networks, hear from key community leaders, and learn how they can best support our ever-changing society. Please visit the Salt Lake Chamber’s website.  I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.