This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. When it comes to the world of networking, a picture can literally be worth a thousand words. That’s why Score Headshots works to provide top-notch photography services to Salt Lake City’s business community. Director and Lead Photographer Natalie Cass joins us with more. 

Natalie Cass:

I have been the director of Score Headshots for over 17 years, and my purpose is simple—to collaborate with people and help them grow by creating mindful media that expands their reach, supports their cause, and makes an impact. I have photographed hundreds of thousands of people across my career, so I understand lighting, body language, and microexpressions at an expert level. 

The majority of people in professional fields use LinkedIn, where a high-quality business headshot can enhance your image and convey confidence. At Score Headshots, we work to elevate your professional social media presence with our personalized headshot services. 

Our team knows that having your photo taken is a vulnerable experience, and we will coach you through the process, make it fun, and a simple experience. 

Whatever your headshot needs, we have the ability to achieve your vision. Get started at

Derek Miller:

Whether you’re looking to update your LinkedIn profile with a new headshot or capture professional images for your entire team, Score Headshots is committed to delivering the perfect result. Learn more at their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.