This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The Salt Lake Chamber will soon host its day-long Diversity Summit on Friday, October 28th. One of our great speakers will be Stacy Bernal, the owner of See Stacy Speak. Here’s Stacy with more.


As a biracial businesswoman and mother to an autistic son, I am passionate about teaching others about neurodiversity, disability, and how we can work to create safe, welcoming, and inclusive spaces for all.

I work with businesses and organizations spanning all industries, from nonprofits to Fortune 500s and everything in between. I challenge people to think about their biases, the thoughts we don’t think we think. I pride myself on facilitating what can often be uncomfortable conversations in an approachable, and dare I say ‘fun,’ way.

I’ll be offering this kind of session at the upcoming Diversity Summit on October 28th at the Marriott Downtown at City Creek. I’m also available to schedule a training for your company.

During my presentations, I share personal stories to help you understand yourself, and help build a better, more inclusive culture at your company. Learn more at


Stacy Bernal is an author and TEDx speaker who has overcome tremendous personal challenges. Contact the Salt Lake Chamber today for tickets to hear her and others at the October 28th Diversity Summit. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.