This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. It’s hard to mistake the signs of growth in Salt Lake City. Ben Kolendar is the Director of Salt Lake City’s Department of Economic Development, and he’s here to tell us how the city government is working to enhance economic opportunity for all.


As the capital city in the state with the strongest economy in the nation, we seek to harness the City’s global influence in a manner that develops an equitable economy, produces quality jobs, and fosters an environment where local entrepreneurs, commerce, culture, and industry thrive.

We have a concentrated focus on advancing Mayor Mendenhall’s “Tech Lake City” initiative, fostering a vibrant arts and entertainment ecosystem and supporting an inclusive environment for our residents. While we are optimistic about the growth happening already, it is vital to city leadership and our department to maintain the feel and culture of an urban environment while helping our economy provide the jobs we need.

As a part of our tech effort, we have published an updated 2021 Entrepreneurship Prospectus that provides essential data, resources, inspiring startup stories, and insight companies need to succeed. Our goal is to generate economic activity that increases the City’s tax base for the benefit of all residents.


One of the goals of the Department of Economic Development is to encourage wise growth and targeted industry relocation. You can learn more at their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.