This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. The Sutherland Institute is a nonpartisan policy and educational institution – a think tank – that provides policy information to the public and elected officials. Here is Rick Larsen, President and CEO of Sutherland Institute, with more.


American democracy and free enterprise make it possible for freedom, and people, to flourish. At the Sutherland Institute, we defend these principles and help Utahns understand the important issues that impact families, education, and our civil liberties.

When voters head to the polls and when elected officials make decisions, they need accurate, principled information that reduces partisan division. Most people want reasonable solutions achieved through discussion, persuasion, and common ground – and that’s what we provide.

Sutherland Institute offers this principled and pragmatic approach to strengthen America’s core institutions through research, events, and public education. We take the politics out of policy to find durable solutions to our greatest challenges.

By rededicating ourselves to the principles and institutions that are the foundation of America, we can heal partisan wounds, solve real problems, and create a better future for our children. Find out more at our website:


The Southerland Institute’s mission is to advance public policies that promote the Constitutional values of faith, family and freedom. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.