This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. People living in war-torn Ukraine face a brutally tough Christmas this year. Fortunately, Utah companies are pitching in to help and seeking your support. Scott Holmes, co-founder of TETON Sports, shares more.


TETON Sports mission is to help people enjoy the outdoors with durable, comfortable, and affordable camping gear. But we recently recognized that for many Ukrainians, a sleeping bag and tent promise much more than a fun-filled weekend—they are essential for their survival. Frontline soldiers, displaced individuals, and families living in homes with intermittent heat need our help.

During this giving season, TETON Sports has partnered with non-profits August Mission and GEM to provide sleeping bags to Ukraine. Just $50 will help us cover 100% of the cost to deliver a winter sleeping bag to a Ukranian in need. 

We feel fortunate to have major Utah foundations like the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation supporting this effort.  If you want to help this important cause, log on to August


It’s impressive to see TETON Sports partnering with local philanthropic powerhouses to help the citizens of Ukraine.  For more information, go to I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.