This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Helping people feel rejuvenation, freedom, and connection with nature is what drives TETON Sports. The Salt Lake company is all about helping people have positive outdoor experiences by making gear that over delivers. TETON’s high quality products can outfit an entire family of five for a few hundred dollars! TETON’s Heather Stone is here to tell us more.


At TETON, we know enjoying the outdoors often comes down to having the right gear. If you’re camping, you sleep comfortably. If it’s pouring rain, stay dry. On a summer hike, you want to look cool and stay hydrated. Unfortunately, many big-name outdoor brands offer this at a premium price and with a hint of elitism.

Not TETON. This year, we’re on a quest to help everyone get “Outdoors Every Day.” We’ve been sharing fun and sometimes zany outdoor challenges daily on social media, and we’ve loved seeing photos and videos of people from around the world hash tagged with “Outdoors Every Day.” One of our team is even camping out every night for an entire year, and we are donating a piece of TETON gear for every day he camps to organizations like Utah’s Every Kid Outdoors and SheJumps. Check out the challenge at tetonsports.com/outdoorseveryday and make your own commitment!


In Utah, we love the idea of getting Outdoors Every Day. We applaud TETON for their refreshing and accessible take on outdoor gear. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.