This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Thanksgiving Point is an exciting, multi-venue entertainment and educational attraction in Lehi, Utah. McKay Christensen is the CEO and explains more about what it offers.


Thanksgiving Point’s mission is to bring the joy of learning and wonders of the natural world to life. We deeply believe that there is joy, surprise, fun, and inspiration when kids get curious. It’s how true learning begins.

But we do more than just events and programs on the property – our goal is to bring hands-on learning to economically disadvantaged kids and families across the state. Kids with families on SNAP or WIC benefits can visit our venues for free. We also open our discovery center doors to our non-profit partners for exclusive events, tours, and more. We go to every third and eighth grade classroom in the state, providing hands-on learning because we believe that every kid counts.

At Thanksgiving Point, you’ll see curious kids growing every day. So, check out our website at, or come visit us in person. We have hundreds of adventures waiting for you.


Thanksgiving Point is definitely worth a visit. The Butterfly Biosphere uplifts, the Museum of Natural Curiosity educates, and the Ashton Gardens inspire all who visit. There’s even more to do, and more on the way. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.