This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Spring is here and tax season is upon us and, with it, many of us are thinking about our money – how to keep more of it and grow what we have. Here’s Eunicia Peret, CEO of The Empowered Financial Planner.


Financial planning is no longer what it used to be. Today, we experience more investment options than ever, along with ever-changing legislation, new tax regulations, and now, rising inflation.  

At The Empowered Financial Planner, we work with high net-worth individuals to help them achieve solid returns and grow their wealth. We’ve moved away from dated financial advisory concepts and, instead, provide customized strategic planning and personalized one-on-one support.  

With our leadership team of attorneys, analysts and advisors, we’re able to quarterback the support our clients need to help them realize the financial success that aligns with their goals. Our broad range of experts work closely together to put more money in your pocket.

Our network offers support for clients with local roots, while also providing financial services on a nationwide scale. Learn more at


Strategic and personalized financial planning is an absolute must for anyone that is focused on growing their money, minimizing taxes, reducing risk, and sleeping better at night. Fortunately, great companies like The Empowered Financial Planner are here to help. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.