This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. One of Utah’s long-time business leaders is Maura Carabello, the founder and president of The Exoro Group, a public policy company now celebrating its 20th year. Here’s Maura with more.


Public policy discussions are what shape Utah’s future, and they aren’t just reserved for elected officials. For 20 years, The Exoro Group has helped leaders in business and government, as well as those in the non-profit and advocacy sectors make meaningful change in Utah’s communities.

By blending data analysis, modern communications, and deep connections, The Exoro Group often serves as the translators between the public and private sector. Whether it’s an infrastructure project, a complex policy debate, or leadership and organizational training – we work with clients who want to make Utah an extraordinary place to live.

Exoro means to “prevail through persuasion” in Latin – for us that means executing big gear thinking and being comfortable guiding hard conversations. Utah’s success relies on engaged citizens who will participate and we all are responsible for doing just that.


The Exoro Group is one of many female businesses that will be participating in November’s Women & Business Conference and ATHENA Awards Luncheon. To get your tickets or learn more, contact the Chamber. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.