This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. The Larry H. Miller Company is a portfolio of businesses that has been enriching the lives of Utahns since 1979. Company CEO Steve Starks tells us more.


The Larry H. Miller Company, originally known for businesses like the Utah Jazz and Larry H. Miller Automotive, has transformed over the years and continues to evolve into new ventures and industries all aimed at building the community.

With our acquisition of the Daybreak Master-Planned Community, we are now designing communities and creating a sense of place throughout Utah, where we also build high-quality homes through our company, Destination Homes.

We have also entered the healthcare industry through our acquisition of Advanced Health Care, known locally as…, which provides exceptional transitional care, throughout the country, to our loved ones.

The Larry H. Miller Company is also proud to invest in new ventures ranging from early-stage growth companies to those preparing to go public.

Through all of our companies, investments and philanthropic giving, we are committed to building the community and enriching lives.


The Larry H. Miller Company’s vision is to be the “best place in town to work, and the best place in town to do business.” Learn more about their companies and job opportunities at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.