This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The Road Home is a Salt Lake City-based organization that brings safe refuge to people otherwise living on the streets and in the extremes of weather. Michelle Flynn, Executive Director of the Road Home, tells us what they do to help those in need.


The Road Home’s mission is to help people step out of homelessness and move back into our community. We start by providing basic needs while immediately working with them to develop a housing plan.

Our programs connect people with resources to help them integrate back into the community, from emergency shelter at the Midvale Family Resource Center, to the Gail Miller Resource Center and the Men’s Resource Center in Salt Lake. We also provide programs to move families and individuals out of emergency shelters and into permanent homes.

The Road Home’s Rapid Re-Housing program helps individuals, families, and veterans move into homes quickly and then remain housed. Services can include rental assistance, basic needs for the home, and case management that connects people to affordable childcare, public benefits, employment opportunities, and food security. We also partner with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and others to help end veteran homelessness.


The Road Home is currently seeking landlords who want to provide housing opportunities to families, individuals, and veterans. If you can bring some holiday cheer, please contact I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.