This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. For generations, marketing and advertising have been the key to growth for every successful company. But over the last several years the world has changed and so has advertising. Here to shed more light on the subject is Dave Thomas, CEO of ThomasArts.


The world is so much different than when I first got into the business 40 years ago. Today, data management, digital and social have turned the marketing industry upside down.

Although the platforms have changed, consumers still make decisions based largely on emotion. That’s why our team at TA ThomasARTS strives to create heartfelt connections between our clients and customers, and we do so across all media platforms. We analyze consumer behavior and then craft advertising that resonates. In the end, we know it’s the advertising sizzle that sells the steak!

So, when you walk into any of our offices — from New York and Washington DC to Utah and the West Coast — you will find over 300 professionals – including strategists, mathematicians, data analysts, art directors and writers – working side by side to create passionate connections between our clients and their consumers.


Whether buying a car, a bicycle, or a bottle of shampoo, we do so largely because of the way they make us feel. If you want to create that emotional connection, contact the team at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.