This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, American health care spending reached 4.5 trillion dollars in 2022. As businesses, individuals and households navigate rising healthcare expenses, a shift towards proactive health strategies is crucial. Julie Wilde, Founder of Transform With Wellness, joins us with more.

Julie Wilde: 
Did you know that 90 percent of health outcomes are determined by modifiable behaviors and choices like diet, lifestyle and environment? It’s time to take action to improve your health for a better quality of life regardless of your health status and experience the power of elevated well-being.

As a results-driven health coach with a corporate background, I am passionate about empowering professional women on the journey to their best selves. From stress management to feeling and looking their best, I specialize in helping women with personalized health transformation programs, workplace wellness initiatives, and engaging speaking events.

Discover possibilities and solutions for upgrading your health and supporting your employees’ well-being. Whether you’re seeking breakthroughs or looking for innovative ways to enhance workplace health, Transform with Wellness is here for you. Why wait? Reach out to me at or visit our website at to get started today.

Derek Miller: 
Transform With Wellness’s mission is to empower people to transform their lives by optimizing their health with a strong foundation of wellness. Visit their website to learn more. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.