This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. For over 50 years, TURN Community Services has been a premier provider of quality services for people with disabilities in Utah. Director of Development & Communication Alyssa DeHart joins us with more.

Alyssa DeHart:
At TURN Community Services, we are dedicated to choice, quality and respect in disability services.

Our mission is to TURN dreams into reality, which means we build trusting relationships with individuals and families to learn what might be the lifestyle and life settings they want most for themselves or their loved one.

With locations throughout the state, we facilitate important community connections through dynamic art-centered day programs, supported living in affordable housing. We also have plenty of opportunities for recreation, employment, and volunteering.

This year, over 780 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and over 400 team members lived more meaningful lives because they are a part of TURN.

Being part of the TURN Community means YOU BELIEVE.

  • You believe in the power of people,
  • The power of hopes and dreams,
  • The power of moments,
  • And the power of positively expanding identity through meaningful connection.

Come join us and be part of our Community at

Derek Miller:
Whether it is resources, peer interactions, experiential learning, connection to employment services, summer camps, or facilitating independent living, TURN Community Services provides a full range of support options throughout the state. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.