This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art believes in the power of the art of our time. Through programming, advocacy, and collaboration, they work with artists and communities to build a better world. Executive Director Laura Hurtado joins us with more.


For 90 years, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art has worked with the leading artistic voices of our age. Originally called The Art Barn, and later Salt Lake Art Center, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art was founded by a woman named Alta Rawlins Jensen in the middle of the Great Depression. Her vision for the Art Barn was to create a gathering space for artists and writers through the state.

Today, UMOCA is an award-winning aesthetic force dedicated to advancing contemporary art in Utah. Last year alone, the museum welcomed over 55,000 guests, showed the works of over 100 artists, and offered educational programming to 123,000 Utah K-12 students, both in person and online.

The museum features groundbreaking artwork by local, national, and international artists; offering exploration in the contemporary cultural landscape through exhibitions, events, and classes. For information on upcoming exhibitions and events, please visit


The creative community is alive and thriving in Utah. And, the Utah Museum of Contemporary Arts helps further this by inviting visitors to be curious and explore the role of art in our lives and our community. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.