This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. With over forty years of experience, Universal Media is an Out-of-Home Media company that specializes in place-based advertising at shopping malls, lifestyle hubs and city centers. Senior Vice President of Universal Media Robyn Cohen joins us with more.

Robyn Cohen:
My father-in-law, who pioneered shopping mall advertising, ran Universal Media until his passing in 2021. Now, under my husband’s leadership and vision, we’re navigating the company’s next chapter.

At Universal Media, we’re revolutionizing Out-of-Home Media. We thrive on producing unique, engaging and game-changing mediums that reach consumers at key points in the decision-making process.

I joined the team to contribute to the growth of this new phase, which includes transitioning from static to digital, but it also includes ad-supported EV charging units.

By engaging audiences in their natural environments – whether they’re dining, or working, shopping or simply enjoying downtime – we ensure our client’s message is not just seen, but it’s felt and remembered.

So, let’s define the possibilities of Out-of-Home media together, visit to get started.

Derek Miller:
Universal Media is more than an Out-of-Home Media company, they are a business’ bridge to the future of immersive, impactful and unforgettable advertising. You can learn more on their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.