This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Utah is ranked number one in the nation when it comes to charitable giving. Helping coordinate the volunteer effort is the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism, led by LaDawn Stoddard who’s here to tell us what they do.


The Commission on Service & Volunteerism was created by the legislature in 1994 and is comprised of 20 commissioners and 15 staff.  

The Commission administers the federally funded AmeriCorps program. Its 1,500 members help in many ways – providing services for the homeless, tutoring and mentoring youth, connecting underserved populations to health care resources, cleaning and tending public lands, teaching environmental stewardship, operating after school programs and more. 

Since 1994, more than 20,000 Utahns have participated in the AmeriCorps programs, providing over 19 million hours building up communities across the state. 

We call the effort UServeUtah – because we rely on you!  We provide statewide training that helps organizations use volunteers effectively, and we work with businesses that want to create employee volunteer programs.  We also help local governments utilize volunteers in times of disaster. 

To get involved or learn more, Google “UServeUtah.” 


Utah volunteers contribute over 130 million hours of service per year, providing a $3.2 billion positive economic impact for our state. That not only reflects well on our people but explains why Utah is a magnet for new companies. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.