This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Education is vital to our state’s future, and the Utah System of Higher Education is focused on ensuring that everyone succeeds, including our state’s growing diverse populations. Here’s Laís Martinez, Assistant Commissioner for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, with more. 


Utah is home to 16 public institutions who collectively serve over 200,000 students annually.  

The percentage of people of color in Utah between the ages 18 to 35, will nearly double in the coming decades. Two years ago, the Utah Board of Higher Education began more intentionally working to ensure every Utahn has opportunities to complete credentialing and attain upward mobility, placing an emphasis on historically marginalized students.

The Board adopted a five-year strategic plan that includes reviewing all System policies to support equitable outcomes, placing college advisors in Utah high schools to help students navigationally, and providing additional funding for need-based scholarships. We are actively working with the colleges to increase the representation of staff and faculty from diverse backgrounds to ensure an increased sense of belonging for students. Learn more at


Education has the power to transform lives and lift people out of poverty, and making sure that everyone has that opportunity, no matter where they came from, is critical to Utah’s economic growth. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.