This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. August is Black Business month and James Jackson, III of The Utah Black Chamber is here to share what the Utah Black Chamber has been up to.


At the Utah Black Chamber, our goal is to provide growth opportunities for the Black community and for Utah’s Black-owned businesses. We are laser focused on addressing the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges we are facing across the state, by helping businesses fulfill their promises to equality and social good. While Black-owned businesses closed at a rapid rate during the pandemic, we’ve also seen more Black businesses and organizations start at a rapid rate, and they need our support.

The growth the Chamber has experienced over the past year has provided us the resources and support to strengthen our strategy by expanding into Southern Utah, developing several programs, and building new partnerships. These include the Black Success Center, our educational and incubator program, and New Pattern, a grant and mentorship program for Black women founders, and expanding into Southern Utah. Our Northern Utah Chapter opened ‘Our Space,’ an incubator supporting the Black community in Davis and Weber County. We’re thrilled and excited to bring these resources to elevate Utah’s Black economy.


The Utah Black Chamber is shaping the way communities and businesses access the Internet. Learn more about the Utah Black Chamber at or find a Black business to support at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.