This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. For nearly 80 years, the Utah Foundation has provided non-partisan analysis and reports used by business and government leaders to make Utah a better place to live. Utah Foundation President Peter Reichard tells us more.

The Utah Foundation has issued studies on everything from education to taxation to the impact of teleworking — and more.

Most recently we undertook an eight-part study that examined the network of relationships people have and use to benefit themselves and the larger community. We looked at civic engagement, social trust, community life, families, economic mobility, and the focus on the future.

We examined these areas because when social structures fail, citizens often ask government to pick up the slack. That may mean more tax money is needed to pay for education, police, public assistance programs, etcetera.

Our research found that Utah performs best in the nation when it comes to family life, and ranks strongly in six of our seven categories and above the national average on all seven. But the numbers also reveal some problem areas, such as declines in family interaction and concerns about Utah focus on the next generation.

The Utah Foundation is a leading voice in public policy issues facing our state, and its recommendations impact decisions made by state and local leaders. Learn more at I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.