This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. The Utah Inland Port Authority is working to ensure that we are growing in ways that will help preserve our economy, environment and quality of life for future generations. Executive Director Ben Hart joins us with more.

Ben Hart:

The Utah Inland Port Authority is actively involved in developing solutions for a balanced transportation system, regional economic growth and caring for our natural environment.

One of the questions that we get most often is “what is an inland port?” In short, an inland port is a facility where we can transfer truck cargo to rail.

In Utah, we love our roads, but we have to find ways to put more cargo on rail. This approach has proven to be better for the economy, the environment and lowers the cost of money needed to build and maintain roads.

We are also focused on building regional economies. We support communities with their economic goals by helping businesses to expand and create high-wage jobs for Utahns.

As we all work together to provide a stronger Utah for future generations, the Utah Inland Port Authority will be actively engaged in helping to create real solutions for growth.

Derek Miller:

By creating a better multi-modal transportation system and helping communities to grow optimally, the Utah Inland Port Authority is working to ensure Utah remains the strongest state in the nation, and the best economy in the global marketplace. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.