This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.

The ongoing drought and water shortage brings into focus the need for collective conservation efforts on this vital resource. The ongoing drought in Utah and western states will act as a governor on our collective prosperity if significant efforts are not made to reverse our depleted water supply.

A recent study has shown Utahns are experiencing the worst drought in 12 HUNDRED years. Tree ring evidence bears this out and soil moisture content was the driest on record in 2020. The Salt Lake Chamber and business community have made water a central focus in our legislative priorities.

This year we are supporting water efforts that:

  • Educate the public on secondary water use through metering and usage pricing
  • Water infrastructure modernization to include seismic improvements on drinking water supply pipelines
  • Conservation efforts that align with basic agricultural needs
  • Support programs that monitor and benefit the hydrology of terminal water systems in the region, including the Great Salt Lake and other critical bodies of water
  • Build climate-resilient infrastructure including drought response and pre-disaster mitigation

These are but some of the policies businesses support and underpin legislation this session. To learn more about water associated bills and their impact please visit the salt lake chamber website. I’m Derek Miller, with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.